Diabetes EducatorDenise Simms

Denise is our Diabetes Educator, it is her roll to assist and guide our Diabetic patients towards a better understanding of diabetes and to achieve a healthy outcome.

Appointments can be booked on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, through reception.

Practice Nurse Sarah Massingham

Sarah assists our G.P.’s In vaccinations, wound care,¬† minor surgeries and management plans as directed by the G.P.’s.

DietitianChris Wasley

Chris is the Dietitian at Alexandra District Hospital.  Chris also visits us in the clinic and is available for advice on diet and nutrition.

Appointments can be booked on Friday’s fortnightly through reception.

Sleep ConsultantAndrew Nunn, BBiomed Sc/BComm (M’ment)

Andrew is our visiting Sleep Consultant and is available by appointment to assist those patients with sleeping disorders.

Talk to your Doctor if you feel Andrew could be of assistance.